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Types A B C D

Be active  on the site fsm2016.org

 prepare off Montreal

Participate off Montreal in 2016 

Participate in Montreal 9 14 Aug

 prepare centered in Montreal 

WSF 2016 - INVOLVEMENT OVERVIEW ( translation in progress...)

An INDICATIVE panorama of forms of preparation and participation, in the place and time  you are, sketched from the ongoing work in the WSF 2016 collective, and text presenting the dynamics of  WSF 2016 extension  
4 types of involvement see left column A B C D




Being active  on the site fsm2016.org

WSF process EXTENSION fsm2016 2016 and contribute to the preparation off Montreal

Participate off Montreal during 2016 Before during after the event

Participate in Montreal Event 9 August 14

Contribute to the preparation centered in Montreal and the Collective FSM 2016

December 29digits 



320 people participating in the site (SITE)

x xx participating organizations (February)

xx committee promoting participation


xx spaces committees / assemblies (February?)

xx extensive activities (February?) xx% and xx expanded online teleconferences

xx xx Montreal activities has broadened% on internet

xx initiatives (February?)

xx participants

230 organisations supporting the collective  and xx people in 8 GT

A / Getting involved or participating As Person








Registration on the site (December 2015)

Donate or pre-register - citizen funding

fill the involvement form

Participate in online consultations(consultation1B on thematic axes)

Follow the announced activities (end of February?)

Support initiatives (late February?)

Attend a CIRCLE SKYPE and a list of "my country and the WSF"

Help expand this CIRCLE

In his CIRCLE   and the corresponding email list Inquire and discuss the possibility of participation and intentions(Information on this page!)

Participate distance has open meetings preparation expanded since Montreal (MEETINGS)

Directly participate in extensive activities ((EXTENSION) proposed by organizations

Participate in a "coffee WSF"

Participate in activities of extended distance (EXTENSION) and expanded since Montreal TECHNO)

Participate directly or remotely to a teleconference Activities (TECHNO)  

To participate remotely in Montreal COMMON MOMENTS (opening agora walk back to the future conferences

Directly involved in activities in Montreal

Directly involved in tele-conference Activities

Participate in MOMENTS COMMONin Montreal (on opening   Agora conferences   back to the Future

Participate remotely from Montreal to extensive activities (EXTENSION) and expanded (TECHNO)

B / Getting involved in a Dynamics of  people





   8 GT Montreal

Creating a group of volunteers 

Creating a self COMMITTEE main spot with promoting the WSF 2016 (end of February?)

Prepare and organize a volunteer group (for example to support extension  

Create, from contacts in a CIRCLE, a self COMMITTEE giving himself a mission to promote the broad participation and Montreal people and organizations

Gather support from organizations to the actions of the COMMITTEE

Finance the activities of the COMMITTEE

Hold meetings of this COMMITTEE

Prepare a "delegation" in Montreal

Prepare sessions MOMENTS COMMON premises or remotely in Montreal and "cafe WSF"

Remote participation a team of WG Montreal

Being local volunteer (eg to support EXTENSION - facilitate remote participation or help internet on business expansion (TECHNO

Twisters participations moments with a delegation of people from a Montreal -

Encourage animate "MOMENTS local COMMON" during the event,   local markets, tele-conferencing, coffee WSF)

Volunteering event in Montreal (eg for EXTENSION)

Extend the Internet (TECHNO)

COMMON Montreal since these MOMENTS

Preparing volunteer has his spot in Montreal (eg for the extension)

Prepare to support the expansion on the internet (TECHNO) and activities in Montreal COMMON MOMENTS

Prepare the Montreal facet activities program - extended facet - extended facet

Being a volunteer in one of a team of 8 GT

(For example in the support group EXTENSION Montreal

C / involvement Within an organization or a group preparing activities





Registration of organizations on the site (February?)

Announcement of activities of different kind in Montreal, widespread, multi-locations (end of February?)

Announcement of their release on the internet (late February?)

Announced initiatives (late February?)

Finance the  trip and the stay of people going to Montreal and get visas

With one or more organizations::

Advertise / promote initiative

Prepare widespread activity (EXTENSION) (and its expansion on the internet)

Prepare an activity in Montreal and its enlargement   internet (TECHNO)

Prepare a teleconference activity between two places (TECHNO)

Possibly include this activity in a set or a space

Attend meetings of the Self COMMITTEE 

Advertise remotely promote an initiative in the agora initiatives (SHARED MOMENTS)

Animate the activities we have prepared

Ensure the expansion of these internet activities


Advertise on promoting an initiative in the Agora initiatives (SHARED MOMENTS)

Animate the activities we have prepared

Ensure the expansion of these internet activities (TECHNO)

Prepare an activity in Montreal and also prepare enlargement on the internet (TECHNO)

Possibly include this activity in a set or a space

Attend meetings of the committee Self 

D / Getting involved in a Dynamic organizations animating

a set of activities


space activities



Creating an Activity "Self COMMITTEE meeting with main task of animation of a set, or space (end of February?)

Overall ad activity (end of February?)

Create, via exchanges in a CIRCLE skype, a self COMMITTEE giving themselves an overall mission of animation activities or business space

Hold meetings of this self-directed COMMITTEE ensuring their enlargement

Welcome extended activities in a set

Animate the dynamics of the set of activities centered outside Montreal (before during or after the event)

Remote participation animation of these dynamics on the part of the set in Montreal

Animate the dynamics of space activities during the event


Animate the dynamics of the overall part of activities located throughout the event

Create a self COMMITTEE centered in Montreal, giving an overall mission of animation activities, or business space

Hold meetings of this autogéréen COMMITTEE ensuring enlargement

Prepare logistically physical space that has been allocated to these COMMITTEES

Montreal host activities in this space or set

Types A B C D  of involvement



Being active on the site fsm2016.org

EXTENSION fsm2016 processes and contribute to the WSF 2016 preparation outside Montreal

Participate off Montreal during 2016

Before during after the evennement

Participate in Montreal Event 9 August 14

Help Preparation centered in Montreal and Collective FSM 2016