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  Preparation /programme/Comment
Action sfex facilit

Rencontre en Tunisie

Gafsa- Tunis 19-23 avril 2011


 Elargissement décidé !

invitation csfstunis elargi

support de l'équipe fstunisie etendu
contre G8 le havre  21-22 mai

pas d'élargissement
CI de mai a paris

 Zambia national Social forum 2n september

one trial without sound sasf lusaka extended space  in sfex group cooperation agenda

Foro Social Galego

 ( Galizia - Espana- oct 2011)

Taiwan  workshops  18 to 22 september  see local agenda

see the enlarged activities here

mesopotamian social forum

diyarbakir september 21 25  2011


see 6h of enlarged activities here

see ic intercom meeting here

see msf extended   invitation to enlarge sent to activity organizers
forums in Geneva media and habitat 30 september 2011
see invitation in french 

Southern Africa Social Forum

Lusaka - Zambia 13 th 15 oct  2011

South africa in WSF

South and east africa in wsf

   interest based on earlier experience  daket en1
 sasf lusaka extended space  in sfex group cooperation agenda

Forum Social Sao Paulo

(Brazil 30 oct  2011)
incripcoes abertas no site ! veja atividades - clique em lista a descargar
 extension of certain activities was intended but did not concretize
G20 counter summit em Cannes- nov 11 - 
not formally a social forum - see info on 26th may meeting
is it part of wsf events ,- no intention to extend it is known

South Asia social forum

Dhaka Bangladesh 18 nov 2011

Bangladesh in WSF

join the facebook group

see the website invitation

 interest based on earlier experience - daket en8

19 activities enlarged on internet and 3 distance encounters

 sasf bangladesh extended space 

in sfex group cooperation agenda

Porto alegre

Janeiro 2012

see the website here
no extension - free media forum is extended - contact  skype freemediaforum.extension

Marseille  water forum  march 2012

hours of streamed video -without teleparticipation
concern was inside overburdened communication commission
update april 2012

Tunisia -Monastir encounters   july  2012
see announcement here
Osaka social forum march 2012


 announced after successful distance encounter in dhaka

media encounter in morroco
marrakech  26 april

several hours of videos in AR
Acerca  de Rio +20  may 2012
 not formally a social forum see discussion on may 24th seminar
according to dakar assembly

free media forum  16 june 2012 segun dialogue in assamblea em dakar
see preparation space
florence initiative  november

Forum palestine solidarity  2012  november 2012
waiting for outcome of paris meeting
first contact stage

announced and not scheduled

iraq social forum

Semaine forum locaux et alternatives ??

 selon assemblée a dakar

intercommunication  entre les localités ou auront lieu des activités
  probable given decentralization of event
Forum Cultura education transformation  2012
according to dakar assembly

forum in quebec  canada first nations  2013 ?
theme to be defined

WSF 2013 preferably in  tunisia - egypt

    more info end  october 2011

     possible starting a team

    see WSF calendar of wsf2012 support group